November Blogging Challenge

The November Blogging Challenge is something that I came across on TeachThought forums. Since I haven’t posted in ages, I figured this would be a good way to get back into the game. The prompts for the challenge can be found here.

November 1: What are the best aspects of being a teacher?
Being a teacher is a tough, thankless job. Still, I love it, not because I’m a glutton for punishment but because I am helping others find their passion. I help my students discover the importance of having goals, and they work hard to meet those goals. One of the most fulfilling things about my work is when I see a student understand what he/she wants from life. When he/she starts to take control of his/her own experience. I love and appreciate my students. They are funny. They keep me honest. They prove to me daily that there is hope. We can have a world that is better.
Another inspiring aspect of my career is working with other teachers who have the same goals, who understand that being an effective teacher means pushing and growing beyond our limits. As a technology trainer and professional development facilitator, I am so lucky to work with teachers who feel the same as I do: that “I don’t know" isn’t some sort of death knell signaling ineffective teaching; that “I don’t know" is what drives us to learn more and do better.
That’s what makes my profession so wonderful—Growth. Evolution. Improvement. I got into this career to help others be better. In turn, their problems, questions, and challenges make me better. As it should be.

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