What are your strengths? Which are you most grateful for?

November 5
I like reading. I like literature. However, I wouldn’t say that literary knowledge is a strength. I know I’m well-read, and I know how to analyze literature. But, what I’m really good at is composition and rhetoric. I know about voice in writing. I’m an extremely logical person, constantly thinking through connections and making new connections. I love linguistics and focusing on how language works to help us all communicate. This is what helps me the most in analyzing literature. I parse sentences and dive into the diction. To me, language is music, an art itself.
I’m also effective at visual communication. My experience in graphic design and visual rhetoric is enhanced by an understanding that language is just as visual as it can be aural or oral. It is meant to be seen and heard.
Ultimately, what I have is passion. I care about communicating and connecting with other human beings because, in the end, that is what matters. Life is made up of these connections. This passion is what keeps me loving what I do. It allows me to have a new experience each day in my classroom. I don’t collect things; I collect experiences.

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