What was the nicest gift that you received from student/parent/colleague?

November 4
The nicest gift I’ve gotten to date has to be the Chemex coffeemaker my (then) intern gave me last year on her last day. It was a gift to thank me for inviting her into my classroom and for helping her become a better teacher. It is the neatest coffeemaker, and in her own words, it works and the coffee tastes amazing “because science!"
What makes this gift so special is that I have a constant reminder of the best internship I’ve had to date. Stephanie was a fantastic intern, and I am so proud of her. Also, I’m so happy that she was hired at our school and that she is having such a great first year! She is a true professional who loves her career and always pushes herself to be better. She has helped me just as much as she claims that I helped her. She is proof that this profession is not doomed, that it is going to be okay. No, not just okay. Better than ever.

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